Best Juicer 2021 – Complete Comparison & Reviews

Getting the best juicer 2021 can be really tough because there are a lot of brands that are selling juicers claiming to be the best in the market. But, do they really worth it? Let us tell you in detail what actually worth spending money.

A juicer is one of the most essential parts of one’s kitchen, because who does not love yummy juices? Perhaps it helps a lot with cooking too.

While buying anything from the market, we always look for reviews of the product before. A simplest yet powerful way of checking the authenticity of the product, whether it’s true what they are claiming or not.

Here we have jotted down a list of best juicer 2021 that you can rely on. We have conducted reviews from professional chefs and home consumers, and after testing each of them we have concluded the best of juicers for you.

Best Juicer 2021

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List of Best Juicer 2021

Here is the list comparison of the Best juicers of 2021 in the market.

Omega NC900HDC
Breville JE98XL
Tribest Green Star
SKG Juicer Extractor
Panasonic slow juicer MJL500

1: Omega NC900HDC

This Omega Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Centre comes first on our list of best juicer 2021. Omega is one of Omega-NC900HDCthe best and trusted brands out there in the market, producing kitchen goods. We chose it for number 1 because of its versatility and features that make it unique among other juicers. Some of the features of this Omega NC900HDC are described below to make your decision.

You get 15 years of long-time warranty for its parts and performance, which means you can use it freely to make yummiest juices all the time you need. No need to worry about getting your juicer broken or anything else.

Juices that last longer!

If you use this juicer at low speed, you will eventually be making it at minimal heat that enables it to promote healthy enzymes. It means you can enjoy the juices for longer then the average juicer lasts without losing healthy minerals. This Juicer by Omega extracts the healthy nutrients, vitamins, and taste in maximum amount to give you a healthy and enjoyable juice from the vegetables, fruits, leafy greens and wheatgrass.

What I like the most about this juicer that you can grind coffee, spices, extrude the pasta and make nut butter out of it. Moreover, you can make frozen desserts, baby food, minced garlic, and herbs and much more than that. Amazing, Isn’t it? You can make your favorite juice without any worry of pulp because it has an amazing feature of automatic pulp extraction to make your life easier.

  • 15 years warranty.
  • long-lasting juices.
  • automatic pulp extraction
  • Easy to clean.
  • A little higher in price.


2: Breville JE98XL

This juicer by Breville comes second on the list of best juicer 2021, because of a reason. Breville is one of the very well Breville-JE98XLknown brands in the market and trusted for the reliability of its products. To prove the reliability of its products, let me write down some of its very mentionable features, that make it unique from the other juicers in the list.

It has 3 inches of extra-wide feeder chute that can make an 8-ounce cup of juice within 5 seconds, YES only 5 seconds. This juicer has a stainless steel cutting disc that is bounded by an Italian made micro mesh filter that can extract up to thirty percent more juice and forty percent more vitamins than other juicers out there in the market.

When it comes to protection and safety, Breville takes special care of its consumers. It has a special safety locking arm that too with overload protection LED.

This machine runs on 850 watts of dual speed motor, and its stainless steel disc provides extremely fast results. You are totally in ease when washing it after use because its parts are dishwasher safe that includes, filter basket, cleaning brush and 1 Ltr juice jug that comes with froth separator.

For me, it’s a total deal to go for if you need a juicer that can last longer, be economical yet high performing.

  • safety locking arm
  • make 8 ounce juice in 5 seconds
  • 85 watts dual speed motor
  • stainless steel disc
  • Leaves a frothy foam on top of the juice
  • Leaves pulp wet


3: Tribest Green Star

This Tribest Green Star comes third on our list of best juicers. A little higher on a budget but totally worth it. How?Tribest-Green-Star Let me write down some of its features below:

It has automatic pulp ejection functionality that makes you able for continuous juicing for hours and easy clean up after that. You can easily juice most of the vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Moreover, you can grind nuts, grains and much more on this powerful juicer.

Talking about the reliability of this juicer, it comes with 12 years of long time warranty that makes you able to use if freely whenever and however you want. It comes with a balanced sure-grip handle for carrying it at your ease and it’s a totally portable juicer. So, you will not have to miss your favorite juices while on trips and traveling anymore.

  • automatic pulp ejection functionality
  • 12 years of long time warranty
  • balanced sure-grip handle
  • A little higher in price.


4: SKG Juicer Extractor

This SKG Juicer extractor comes second to last on our list of best juicers in the market that you can buy. Coming SKG-Juicer-Extractordown to its features, what makes it stand out among the other juicers in the list. Some of the mentionable features of this amazing juicer are discussed below.

It has 3.15 inches of wide turn over the chute. The opening of this juicer allows you to use large fruits and vegetables easily, one of the biggest pluses of this juicer because other juicers do not have this feature.

As the name shows it’s a slow masticating juicer that avoids the quick oxidation which usually caused by using high-speed juicers. It makes it one of the best juicers that makes healthier juices that last longer then the ordinary juicers make.

Coming down to its power, it comes with 250 watts of a powerful motor that uses slow speeds. This allows the juicer to juice each and every piece to extract fully and completely. You only get dry pulp left after making juice and in return, you get healthy and yummy juice out of it.

Another pro of this juicer is you can easily assemble and disassemble it whenever you want. You can clean it up at your convenience. It comes with 2 years of warranty and returns policy in case if you face any issue, they are here to serve you.

  • Celery fibers can get stuck


5: Panasonic slow juicer MJL500

This juicer by Panasonic comes last in our list of best juicer 2021. Who does not know about Panasonic? A well-Panasonic-slow-juicer-MJL500known brand making kitchen goods. We have selected this MJL500 on our list because of its amazing features that totally worth mentioning.

Some of the features of this amazing juicer are listed below to make your decision easier.

One of the very biggest pluses is its price, it’s one of the economical yet high performing juicers out there in the market. As we discussed earlier slow juicers, it’s also a slow juicer that makes healthiest juicers for you by preserving nutrients from vegetables, fruits, and other eatables.

You can use it to make juices, shakes, sauces, and marinades. One of the best thing that I like about this juicer is its quietness, it’s a quiet operation juicer that gets you rid out of annoying noises made by juicers. So, If you are allergic to noises like me, this is the one for you to buy without any second thought.

Incase if you are looking for a blender specially for greens, you can check our reviews on best juicer for greens to get the best one.

  • Quiet, Powerful, Quickly Absorbed.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easily Rinses Clean Between Juices
  • doesn’t have a reverse button

Blender VS Juicer

One of the most debated and talked topics is whether you should go for a blender or for a juicer. How you can be sure which one fits to your needs and what the actual difference between blender vs juicer? Let me explain it to you, so you can make your decision freely.

  • A blender everything you put in it, it will not separate anything while blending.
  • It is usually used to make milkshakes, smoothies, etc.
  • It pulverizes everything in one container.
  • A juicer separates the pulp from the juice, while the blender does not.
  • It is usually used for making juices, grinding the coffee, making butter out of nuts, etc.
  • It has two different containers, one for juicer outcome the second one for pulp.

I hope the above comparison will make you understand the basic difference between the juicer and blender and you will be confident enough which one to go for. If you need to buy a blender, you can check out our complete review on Best Blenders 2021 to get the best !!

Final Words:

These were some of the best juicer 20210 out there in the market. We selected, tested and reviewed them very carefully after personally analyzing and testing them. Based on the recommendation of professional chefs and home consumers, we brought you the list of best juicer 2021.

You can select any of them for yourself, based on the pros and cons and their prices. Of course, you will go for the one that fits in your budget. We have tried our best to mention the best cheap juicers to best performing juicers in the list, you can choose whichever fits in your budget.

So, for which juicer you are going to buy? Tell us in the comments we would love to hear it from you. You are most welcome to give your valuable feedback about our reviews, and if you want to review these products, you can comment below, we will get back to you.

Happy Juicing!




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